Ready Reel Jumbo



Ready Reel Jumbo

Slitter Machine

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Ready Reel Jumbo - System


Inline concept suitable for diameters up to 800mm

Quick connection & perfect alignment 

Mobile and strong platform 

Linkable or indipendent unwinder machine

Slice easily Jumbo rell and rewind it

Multi tensioning mandrel shaft

allows high compactness and clean tolerance of slitted reels

Secure mandrel shaft locking

Fast unlock system

Swiveling aperture for easy downloading

Accurate multi-grooves rod 

Adjustable knives 

High reliable ceramic coated blade life 

4 cutting edges for every disposable blade

Very clean cut

Accurate knives positioning

by Digital Laser Positioner

Swiveling aperture

Quick and safety downloading of any width of reel

Tape dispenser

Take it handy

Inline Jumbo Slitter machine

Ready Reel Jumbo - System


ready reel JUMBO


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